Cat Sitting Services
I can visit once or twice a day .

I will feed them, clean the bowls and utensils, clean and refresh the litter trays, administer medication as instructed, groom them (as long as they are happy for me to do so ) and give them lots of love, cuddles and attention they need to make sure they are happy and content. I will send photos videos and updates on how they are doing via WhatsApp.

I can also bring in the post ,open and close curtains and put the bins out ,or any other little job you need doing like watering the plants while you are away.

Security of your home is a top priority to me ,so while you are away I will not broadcast to the world why I am visiting your house.

I will come and go discretly in an unmarked vehicle and not draw attention to myself so you can be assured that your property will not be targeted by burglars.